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Earth at Night

Time For Change

With the advent of electric powered cars and re-usable energy, all eyes are on climate change and how we, as humans, deal with waste moving forward. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers or solutions to these problems. We however can take a proactive and preventative approach to minimize and somewhat negate the negative effects we make Earth endure.

The key to all of this, is our approach. 

Thankfully, nowadays more and more people are more inclined to recycle, donate or use biodegradable products. However, there are still landfills full of clothing, electrical goods and a myriad of other stuff that could have found home, if the right solution was there. There has not been a solution out there that actively fights for re-usability and reduction of waste; this is where Tryft comes in.

Tryft was founded on the basis of ‘thrifting’ (hence where the name Tryft derives from) – the idea is to increase re-usability of existing products which in-turn decrease waste, and ultimately, reward both the buyer and the seller. Why throwaway a perfectly good jersey, if that jersey could net you $15 and be used by someone who will find use in it? But, Tryft is also here to change the way we see used goods, and how we behave when it comes to shopping. There has been a lot of negative stigma around ‘used’; which is being propagated by enterprises who want you, their paying customer, to keep buying new and keep their cash-flow going without much thought of the social and environmental impact this leads to (and it’s not pretty).

Our goals are simple:

  • Increase re-usability;
  • Provide a beautiful, accessible, convenient and easy to use solution for both buyers and sellers;
  • Decrease waste;
  • Provide best deals possible and introduce brand new (ecologically friendly) alternatives to high-cost brand goods at ‘thrift’ prices (savings!).

It’s also our mission to draft big brands into a ‘Tryft’ pledge which will hold them accountable for product life-cycles and ensure they can be prolonged to their fullest extent, see them offer ways of either selling your used goods and giving them a second change via Tryft (with ease of donating them at dedicated spots), or ensuring they are recycled properly. It’s a big task, and a difficult one, but with everyone’s help, and small changes over time the future will be bright.

But that’s not all, there’s a lot more we can do.. and will do. As we increase our funding, gain wider audience acceptance and change the way people think about ‘used’ goods, Tryft will be there to ensure sustainability, better deals, longer product life-cycles, more convenient ways of selling and ultimately, changing and evolving for the better of Earth and the future generations of humankind (and animals!) through a beautiful platform, with a great message, team and a mission, that’s also rewarding. It’s a win for everyone and most importantly our planet and future generations to come.

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